jun '15



now that the art show is up & running, i began my search for the next, latest & greatest collection!  this weekend my quest took me to hudson, n.y., a thriving neighborhood full of hip & happening creatives and the famed, ‘hudson river exchange’ market’.  a year ago, i read about a group of, “like-minded makers” who decided to create the annual market to showcase the art, food, music & community of hudson.


the weather was lousy but the diminished crowd was great for me!  it gave me time to chat with many of the artists who were assembled in two huge white tents filled with handmade ceramics, wood, leather, canvas, metal, stone, paper & woven treasures.  while i was familiar with some of the collections, most were new to me & it was a real treat!

the real question i struggle with, is whether my customers will appreciate the made in the usa/made local message and its quality because the products are more costly.  Please feel free to chime in and let me know your thoughts!


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