aug '14



the retail oscars were very exciting!  they were held at a beautiful venue called the ‘lighthouse’ along chelsea piers.  so many great companies and retailers were there including the gang from etsy, (who grabbed the much coveted rising star award,) ‘primitives’, (who won for best manufacturer of the year) and ‘homart’ (who took home the gift for life industry achievement award).  i was so out of my league, i might as well have been at the actual oscars!

when i walked into the main room i was so blinded by the magnificent sunset over the hudson, i completely missed the life-sized poster featuring our shop!  huge photos flanked an article describing all of our accomplishments!  unbelievably cool.  tons of people were congratulating me for being a visual merchandising finalist but you know me, i wanted to win.  of course when we didn’t, my plan was to jump into the hudson to make a quick exit.  my husband reminded me it would be in bad taste, so instead, i decided to steal my poster and stuff my face with two desserts.  as a result, i have a stomach ache as i write this.

i did have the opportunity to meet the woman who stole our award.  liz curtin, the owner of the famous, 15,000 square foot shop, ‘leon & lulu’, (located in metropolitan detroit) is actually a lovely lady and lifelong veteran of retail.   while i hate to admit it, she is far more worthy of this award than i, (and no, marty did not make me say that).



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