nov '15


customers have been urging me to find higher end jewelry that fits my, “cannot be found elsewhere” standard for the shop. while it’s really tricky to take a chance on an unknown collection, i did my homework & met with close to sixty designers to select three unbelievable lines, each nicely priced from $150-$450.


the first collection just arrived and i am thrilled! susan anderson, designer extraordinaire, travels the world to hand pick rare and unusual gemstones. she emphasizes jewels high in luster and reflectivity to allow the natural color to speak for each piece.

susan starts with an idea inspired by the materials & makes artistic choices that lead her to the perfect balance of color and texture.  worn alone or layered, each necklace makes a unique design statement yet is classic enough to remain in style.

i feel if you are going to invest in a piece, you should feel confident you will be able to wear it for years to come. i can’t wait for you to see the whole collection!




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