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hi whimsters!  i’m dana, former fashion girl turned yogini turned marketing extraordinaire!  i’ve spent over a decade working in the fashion industry in the big apple.  like most f.i.t. graduates, i did a little bit of everything from personal shopping & dressing celebrities to creating visual displays & marketing.  when the glitz began to fade, i decided i wanted to do more to make a difference in the world.

so, two years ago, i returned to beautiful long island to open a yoga studio to fuel my inner creative goddess.  while the studio didn’t work out, i realized my passion for engaging people through marketing and social media!  the universe was working in my favor because at the same time, i learned wit & whim was searching for a marketing director!

at wit & whim, i get to wear many (cute) hats…literally & engage with an amazing customer base while being surrounded by beautiful & unique things.  the gift and give back message is the icing on the cake which allows me to make a difference in the world!  i am excited to bring some zen creativity to the marketing role & spread the word about this magical shop!  i can’t wait to meet you all!


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